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If you are thinking that the humble brochure has lost its significance in the wake of digital media, then think again. A beautifully designed brochure with persuasive content can be just the thing your brand needs. For instance, if you are invited to a business event and would like to share the different services your company offers – how would you do that effectively? How can you cast a spell on them so that your brand and services have that lasting effect?

Yes! You guessed it right! It’s through a well-made brochure. Your brochure should be intriguing so that even after reading it, it stays with the reader who would want to visit your website to know more about your company. Well, the next question that should come to your mind is how do you intrigue them? For that, you need to create a brochure in a way that people can connect to it the minute they set eyes on it. While skimming through it, they should be curious enough to want to contact you. Here are some ways in which you can design an awesome brochure for yourself.

Understand the Purpose

That’s the first and hardest step of course, but definitely not an unachievable one! It is the most crucial part when you start to design a brochure because it is an advertisement and a source of information. Just run through some basic questions like who is your target audience? Will the brochure be mailed to existing customers or potential ones? Will you display it in retail shops? When you are sure of exactly what you want from your brochure that is when you will get the inspiration to create the appropriate content for it.

brochure-medialabs Add Peppy Content

You need to keep the content crisp and to the point yet impressive and yielding enough for readers to fall in love with it. They don’t want to browse through your company’s history, right? Simply focus on the services you offer, how you can better serve them than your competitors, how you can help them cut costs and be more efficient, etc. If necessary, you can include visual representations like charts, graphs and diagrams to convey the message more effectively.

Select the Paper Carefully

A single page brochure designed using a very thin paper stock fails to impress. Your brochure will have the desired effect only if you use a heavier stock. It gives an impression that you are a professional and you mean business! However, if you want to design a throwaway brochure just for circulating some information, then you can utilize thin paper. Make sure not to select paper that is very thin just to cut costs – you will achieve nothing!

Design An Interesting Cover

How many times were you tempted by a very fascinating cover of a book and actually bought it? Many times, isn’t it? The same is true for a brochure. You can attract the attention of your potential as well as existing customers with a very stunning cover. So, you need to create an interesting cover that will attract viewers, invoke curiosity and have the ability to urge the customer to actually pick it up and leaf through it.

Include A Call to Action

What is the use of wasting time, effort and money on a brochure if you don’t include a strong call to action? Try to move people to the next phase, i.e., place an order and start working with you. Include your website address so that they can get all the necessary information about you, provide a number where they can call to get an estimation, etc. Make sure all vital information is done in different fonts and colors so that it is not overlooked.

Start Now

If you spend too much time thinking then you’ll never taste success. Create a brochure that has the potential to impress your customers. If designing a striking brochure seems overwhelming to you, then don’t shy away from getting some help with a professionally designed brochure because your “impression” does matter.

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