The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business



Social media, if used properly, can be a dream; however, if used otherwise, can be your worst nightmare. And if you represent a brand, then you need to be doubly aware and alert. If you are not using it in the right way, it might just prove to be a huge loss of both time and money spent on it. True, there are no hard and fast rules to it. In fact, when business houses first recognized the potential of social media in marketing, they started using it randomly. So, the strategy entirely consisted of a trial and error method, to see what works where, and then to take it further from there in order to succeed.



But what about social media today? Are we still blindly feeling our way around? The answer is “No.” Now, we have in fact overcome the obstacles and are aware of the basic etiquettes of social media, isn’t it? However, with the constant evolution and growth, some business houses find it tough to follow the right etiquettes. The more they promote their brand in social media, the more they fall prey to committing some of the worst mistakes. So, here are 10 do’s and don’ts that businesses, irrespective of their sizes, need to follow. Are you aware of them?

Complete the Social Profile

How many times were you put off by the sight of an incomplete social page of a company? Quite a number of times, right? So, the first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind when you are building your social presence is to have a complete profile. It looks good, it says a lot about you professionally and you satisfy your viewers as well.


The most crucial elements that you need to check are whether there is a profile picture (preferably a company logo), the company name needs to be in place and the “about you” section needs to be duly filled in. These eye catchers will hook the viewers’ attention. Some social networks such as LinkedIn reward members who have a complete profile by ranking them higher in the search result, now isn’t that motivating?

Have a Strategy

Having a strategy, even before taking the social path, helps a lot. If you dive into it blindly, it may lead to failure. So, how and where do you start? You need to chalk out a plan of the posts that will be going onto all the social media sites for the whole week.



This plan will help you in gauging whether you are going the right way or not. Without a plan, social media can become an obstacle instead of promoting your page.

Build a Strong Network

The next step is to work on building a strong network of genuine individuals. You might have 10,000 followers but more than half of it maybe all spam, what’s the use? The effort is totally wasted. So, you need to do your homework properly by following real people and building a network with them.

Be Engaging

If you listen, learn and engage with your followers then you can have the most successful social presence. What works? Storytelling! Instead of selling a product to customers, start telling stories about your brand.


You need to do a little research and find out what your target audience is interested in and what they want to hear from you. Once you have identified that, storytelling works like magic!

Post Consistently

If you are not a regular entity on social networks, then that needs to change right away. Your presence needs to be felt. Do you tweet once a week and then disappear for ages?You need to keep in mind that you have to post consistently on social media platforms if you want more followers. Remember the saying, “out of sight and out of mind?”

Having shed light on what you ought to be doing, now comes the time for what you ought not to be doing when it comes to social media!

Don’t Spam

The first don’ts of social networking is not to be spammy? What does it mean? Avoid joining any group just to post self-promotional messages. It never helps. Your followers might not take this very well.

Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags

#Using #too #many #hashtags #looks #like #spam! Limit your hashtag use to just 3-4 on social platforms.

Don’t Allow Language To Take You Down

Your language needs to be bang on. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes are a complete turn off. Your content needs to be a crowd puller. A professional should always be very particular about the content.

Don’t Forget the Fun Factor

While trying so hard to promote your brand and make your presence felt, don’t forget the basic idea of social networking. Remember why social networks were discovered in the first place?


Yes, so that everyone could stay connected but could do so with that fun element while indulging in business as well. So, stay connected, make your presence felt and keep your viewers engaged, but all this while having some fun as well!

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