How To Find Inspiring Ideas For Terrific Blog Posts?



The most challenging part for bloggers is to find a way to consistently write terrific blog posts and keep readers glued to it. And the challenge gets harder when you are writing business blogs. The simple trick of creating rocking content is to remember that the solution is not to sell, but rather to educate and solve some of the problems that customers face.

So, how can you find inspiring ideas every time you write a blog? We jotted down some impressive ideas that fire us up and keep us going. Read on to find out more!


  1. If you are attending a conference, do not forget to carry your digicam. You can take one-on-one brief interviews of the panel members who come to the discussion platform.
  2. Keep the readers updated on what’s happening in the industry. Start writing blogs on recent industry news.
  3. Follow the latest industry trends and create blogs out of them. Readers are always interested to know the current trends.
  4. Research on customer problems – a blog that helps solve problems is like hitting the bull’s eye!
  5. Do a case study of a customer’s success story and write about it. Others will be curious to know success stories if you reveal them in the correct way.
  6. Post content on things that one shouldn’t do – highlighting why it will lead to failure.
  7. Video blogs work like magic – conduct interviews with successful customers and post it. It will build up the trust factor with your audience.
  8. You can have many business verticals and the problems of each one of them are unique. You can shed light on the problems of each vertical, targeting the customers of that particular vertical.
  9. You can discuss all future topics with colleagues as well as the management. Keep a list in the task log and stick to it.
  10. Subscribe to the top bloggers in your industry. Follow them and you will get all the updates on what’s happening in your niche.
  11. Do a quick research on your competitor’s blog site and see what topics are being covered. You will get an idea of what you might need to pick up as your next blog topic.
  12. Write on a series of “How To” blogs. For instance, how to boost your mobile content marketing.
  13. Run polls and surveys on topics your readers want to read. People will take part and give their own ideas.
  14. Go through all the comments of your blog posts and see if you need to blog on a particular issue your readers want.
  15. Subscribe to Google Alerts to get inspiring new ideas.
  16. Write a post on the top bloggers of your industry. For instance, 6 best lessons to learn from top bloggers.

Turn Ideas into Cool Content

Here are some of the ways to get ideas for blogging. We would like to know what inspires you to blog?

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