How Can LinkedIn Elevate Grow Your Business?



Today, LinkedIn is the most powerful networking tool apart from also being the most professional social media site. LinkedIn, with 364 million users, has an exceeding amount of potential when it comes to spotting potential clients across the globe. But how many of us are actually aware of LinkedIn Elevate? Not many for sure!

Recently, LinkedIn added another feather to its hat with the introduction of LinkedIn Elevate, which is a paid mobile and desktop app that suggests articles to its users. These suggestions are based on algorithms from its news recommendations in Pulse and Newsle, as well as from “human curation.”



Plans and Pricing of LinkedIn Elevate

Right now, LinkedIn Elevate is open for paid pilot projects. In Q1, it ran a pilot project with some of the big companies including Unilever, Adobe and Quintiles to get an idea on the application and pricing. LinkedIn Elevate will be available in general by Q3 when the pricing will be announced.

How Will LinkedIn Elevate Help Grow Your Business?

LinkedIn Elevate has captured the untapped area, inspiring more employees in a company network. The app will help your company to reach a massive relevant audience. Company’s employees have 10 times more connections than a company itself does. It will help the social media wheels to keep turning and will encourage employees to share stories on LinkedIn and Twitter suggested by the algorithm. This will eventually help in the social media marketing effort.

When it comes to information, people trust employees more than the CEO of a company. With LinkedIn Elevate, employees will be able to share unique and realistic stories, reflecting the company’s professional reputation and brand value.

The analytics of the app will also give a clear picture of how the employees’ activities directly improve the traffic to a company’s site, which will in turn lead to sales, gather new followers to the page and help in talent hiring.

As a proof of the improvements, LinkedIn shared some of the results of its pilot projects implemented earlier. All the numbers were positive, as predicted. According to LinkedIn, on an average for each 6 pieces of articles shared by an individual, that individual receives 6 profile views and makes 2 new connections.


And when an employee shares the content, the employer gets 6 job views, 3 Company Page views and 1 Company Page follower. All of this helps a company with improved hiring and performance. Thus, it can be said, LinkedIn Elevate has great potential that will help grow your business.

How Are You Using LinkedIn

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