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Pinterest joined the social media juggernauts quite recently. Interestingly, Pinterest plans to introduce a “buy button,” which will be launched in the next couple of months. This will now allow you to order and pay for the products offered. This platform is also considered to have the potential to build online businesses, maybe even more than Facebook and Twitter!

There was a huge hype created about Pinterest as a social networking platform, and you went ahead and opened your own account for business! You must have pinned a whole lot of pins there too. But now what next? To exploit the benefits of Pinterest, you need to inspire people to share your content, that in turn will increase the traffic to your site.

But how can you create interesting content that will motivate people to share your content on Pinterest? In this blog, we are sharing some secrets of how to take advantage of the online bulletin board.

What People Love to Share

Pinterest is a visually oriented social networking site and so images fit well on this platform. People love to re-pin images and graphics with good quotes on their boards. To start with, you can go through the site to get an idea of what people love to re-pin.

You will find Pinterest users share images and infographics that are eye catching yet informative. Simple plain text is not shared on this platform, as it does not match the site’s objective.

Add Pinterest Buttons to Your Content

Are you adding Pinterest buttons to your content or simply missing it out? By adding buttons, it makes social sharing easier. Viewers who like your content and want to share it with others can simply click the button to share it on Pinterest. If you have a WordPress page, there are a couple of plugins that allow you to add “Pin It” buttons to your content.

Ask Readers to Share Your Content

It’s okay to assume that viewers will share your content on Pinterest. But there is no harm in reminding them. Most of them need to be prompted to share the content after reading it, so incorporating a call to action for all your content is a must. At the end of your content, you can add “Like this post? Please share it on Pinterest.” If you have an email marketing list, you can add a Pinterest sharing prompt.

Be an Active User

The thumb rule to attract traffic is you need to be an active user of the social network. That does not mean you have to bombard people with promotional content all the time. Instead, you need to share interesting pin boards that will motivate users to re-pin your content.

Monitor Your Progress

Track and monitor the effectiveness of the strategy. It will help you to understand whether your current strategy is good enough to drive considerable traffic to your website. If the strategy is not effective, try out a different one. As there are no hard and fast rules, you can try out a trial and error method.

Happy Pinteresting

In order to succeed you need to get started! Start using Pinterest and let us know your experience.

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