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Right at the start, you need to focus on how you want your brand to be perceived. When we talk about a branding strategy, it is not just the logo, the product and the website – it is something beyond the tangible definitions.

It is the unique way that differentiates you from your competitors. It is a story that revolves around your logo, website, typography and the name of your company. It is the way people connect with your brand, and that is the most challenging part of a brand strategy.

Therefore, how can your brand remain evergreen in the minds of consumers? Simple tricks can help you overcome marketing hurdles and win your brand a permanent place in people’s hearts. brand-loyal

Define the Purpose

There are so many brands out there, so how do you stand out in big brand jumble? It is by defining the purpose. At the same time, the purpose must be a class apart to make your presence felt. Unique and well-defined purposes pull the crowd.

It is a known fact that one of the purposes is to earn revenue. The profit-making goal should not be the only purpose. People love brands that emphasize on doing social good rather than just making money. Do you not buy products that donate some part of the revenue for the welfare of society like education or to feed the poor?

Be Consistent

Consistency contributes to brand recognition that inspires brand loyalty. Consumers who keep on coming back to you will not like it if the quality of your product is compromised, and if you can improve the quality even more, then that will be a welcome move. On the other hand, if there is any degradation, you will lose your clients who might prefer your competitors’ products to yours.

In social media too, your brand needs to be consistent. When you are adding any image or hashtags to your social media pages, it must have some connection with your brand. Irrelevant photos or hashtags can backfire the entire purpose.

Have you seen how Coca Cola has maintained its consistency as a brand? That is why it is the most recognizable brand worldwide.

Connect with the Consumers

You can connect with your existing as well prospective clients through brands. Why should they buy your product when there are so many other brands available? To win them and make them brand loyal, you need to connect with them.

The best way to connect is using social media to the fullest. Build a community around your brand. Strike a conversation with them and answer their problems on a social media platform.

What are your Branding Strategies?

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  • Good points and all are actionable. Branding is all about amplifying the voice of your company to your target audience. That can be your logo, company pictures, team picture, contents, videos and many others which reflect your company’s visions and work. We all know, building a brand is not a one day job, it’s a long term and almost never-ending process to make your business visible more to your customers. Following and analysing your competitors is one thing you should always do.

    • Sonia, Thank you for your valuable inputs. Yes, branding is a long term process and not a one day magic.


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