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5 Marketing Tips For LinkedIn That Work Like Magic

Remember what business networking involved a decade ago? You had to fix appointments, meet people, attend conferences, so on and so forth. With the proliferation of social media, networking just got a whole lot easier and even more effective. But little did anyone realize just how effective social media would be. A decade ago, no one would have even imagined that you would be able to connect with people across the globe from the comfort of your home or office!

Among the social media sites, LinkedIn is a fantastic business networking tool that helps you to connect with people across the globe. However, it takes time and effort to be successful in marketing with LinkedIn. We tried countless marketing strategies for LinkedIn and are sharing some of them with you. Try them out! Read more

How To Use The Most Powerful Connection Tool on LinkedIn

Social media has opened new doors for relationship building, conversation and creating a buzz. Social network, being the global platform, allows you to grow and build connections wherever you are. It all starts with tweeting others’ content, sharing posts on Facebook and publishing great content on LinkedIn. Most of the noted entrepreneurs nowadays use social platforms for building relationships, leading to joint ventures and collaboration.

If we talk about using social media for business, which social platform comes to your mind? Would you choose Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn? We have seen that people typically choose Facebook and Twitter for their social media strategies and simply ignore LinkedIn. Even if we have a LinkedIn profile, we tend to underestimate its potential. LinkedIn has a very powerful tool – the “Advanced” Search. If you are not familiar with that term and are wondering what it is used for, then you need to read on. Read more