Other Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid



We have seen some common SEO mistakes in our previous blog. However the list is far from over. Here is a list of another 5 important SEO mistakes and how to avoid it.


Poor Content

Content is the foundation of every SEO strategy. Poorly written or copied content is a definite NO if you want to top in SEO results. Google never appreciates duplicate or copied content and never indexes such pages. Every search engine prefers unique content that is valuable for the readers.

Finding content from other websites and tweaking is also practiced in the industry. However, this may affect your trust as a company and damage the reputation in the long run.

Non-Unique Title Tags

There are websites with same title for different pages. Some CMSs auto-generate such titles. A title tag is the most important part of an SEO and it should be unique so that a search engine crawler can index it correctly. A correct title tag tells the searcher that the content is relevant to what he is looking for.

Non-Unique Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that describes content of websites to the search engines. Using the same meta-descriptions on different pages will not do any good. Meta descriptions should be descriptive and persuasive within the 160 character limit, so that the web page does its sales pitch on its own.

Non-Credible Links

Adding links from low page rank sites creates zero credibility.  A link from an authoritative blog from your industry adds value to your content and boosts your page rank and the other diminishes your page rank. Hence avoid non-credible links from your website and value quality more than quantity.

Not Optimizing Right Keywords

Optimizing wrong keywords or keywords phrase is a common SEO mistake. Going for single keywords generic to the industry may bring traffic but might not actually convert. Using keyword phrases of three to four words specifies what you are selling. A little bit of research using keyword tools can help you identity what people search online. The more the consumer becomes aware of the service/product the specific the search phrase they would use. Highly specific multi keyword phrases are easier to rank and yields specific search results compared to generic ones.

The list is not exhaustive and SEO works well only when all the parts of it work together synchronously as parts of a watch work.

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Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

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