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What Factors Influence Consumer Behavior

What goes on inside a customer’s mind – is perhaps the billion-dollar question every brand manager scrutinizes. They all want to know what customers think before deciding to purchase a product of their choice. They are always trying to find out what factors influence the buying decision of consumers.


Brand managers need to understand exactly why and how a consumer makes a choice when there are so many alternatives easily available. Only when they hit the nail on the head and determine exactly what these factors are that influence consumer behavior, can they work on improving their marketing strategies.

The buying decision of a consumer, or more specifically, consumer behavior, depends on a number of factors. In this blog, we have discussed in some detail factors that influence the consumers’ buying decision. Read more

How Visual Storytelling Boosts Your Content Marketing on Facebook



Most often, we forget to include visual storytelling in our social media strategy. We forget it because we tend to ignore it. We ignore it because we are not aware of its potential!

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t we all love to see picture updates on our Facebook page? Don’t we click on the links with intriguing images? We can’t even imagine Facebook updates without photos!

Studies show that 93% of most engaged posts in Facebook are photo posts. Photo updates get more likes, comments and clicks on links than text updates. Clearly, photo updates generate more engagement and shares on Facebook and eventually drive more traffic to your website. Read more

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