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5 Rules Of Local SEO Search


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are very helpful for the reach, growth and sustainability of your business. You need to take your business to the right customers at the right time. SEO searches are a great way to reach your customers, and prospects. But, is there a way to reach customers instantly, so that you reach them before your competition does? Well, there is, and that we what we mean by Local SEO search.

What is Local SEO search?

Local SEO is a one of the most effective form of online marketing, when local businesses can reach to local customers to promote their services, exactly at the same time, when they are looking or searching for a particular product or service. These search engines use Google and other business directories like TouchLocal, Superpages, Yelp, and others.

What is the importance of Local SEO search?

The Local SEO search can be beneficial in many ways.

Local customers are looking for local businesses: Studies have shown that 68% of people use online searches and directories to find local businesses. So, it is a great return on investment.

High conversion rates: Local SEO searches lead to about 50% conversion rate that is 1 in 2 people might turn out to be your actual customer.

Mobile searches: With more and more people shifting to mobile marketing, local SEO can be a great way to reach customers in real-time through local apps and searches.

Local marketing is timely and targeted: This reduces the reach time for local businesses, and helps to reach prospects faster. Moreover, many of the best local SEO opportunities are free as of now.

Credibility: Studies show that 70% of people trust online customers reviews for a product or service they are looking for. So, optimized local searches can really be helpful for the customer to choose the right service and also to create your brand value.


5 important rules to remember regarding Local SEO search

Local SEO search works best when you want to reach the local customer in the shortest time possible, and show up in the listing at the right time. The following things are important to remember, while implementing local SEO search:

Optimizing Google My Business page: Work on your My Business page, so that it is optimized in the proper way. Add proper content, high quality images, contact information, business category and all other relevant information. This is one of the best platforms by Google to connect you directly to the customer, and boost your local ranking strategy.

Utilizing social media: Social media platforms can be effectively used to reach and extend local customer base. Your presence in social media also contributes to your local visibility and business. For example, Snapchat has a geofiltering feature, which can attract customers to a local event.

Consistent listing: Your information is one of the most important things in Local SEO search. So make sure your NAP (Name, Address and Phone) is properly updated on the listing. An accurate and consistent listing also increases your credibility and chances of showing at the top. Studies have shown that 85% of small businesses feel that local marketing is important, but only half of them update their listings properly.

Customer testimonials: Customer reviews play an important role in local SEO searches. They can affect your brand value and help to increase your customer base. So, urge your online customers to leave a feedback, rating, and review about your services, which gives you an edge over your competitors. Research has shown that customer reviews are around 12 times more reliable than manufacturer descriptions, and people tend to trust such testimonials more.

Using technology to its best: If you have a web development team or a robust CMS, make sure to utilize them aptly to optimize and streamline your local listing. Geotagging, or the process of tagging geographical locations to posts, videos or images, can be really helpful for optimizing content, increasing local visibility and attracting traffic to your website. Also, make sure that all the technical aspects and elements of your website are proper, including page load time, error handling and navigation.

Local SEO searches are highly effective, when you know the needs and requirements of your local customer, and you have the products and services to cater to them. These are mostly geographical location based searches, so they are really helpful for local business. So, if you have a local business to grow, get your local SEO search strategies in place, and get ready to reap benefits.

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10 Tips To Write Exciting Blog Topics

Your blog is your identity, and for businesses, it is the voice of their brand. Visitors want to read something exciting and new, every time they land on your blog. If you are writing about a particular niche or belong to a specific genre like food or lifestyle, readers want something new and updated when they come back to your blog. This way your blog will get more traffic, and visitors will love the uniqueness, which will keep attracting them. The reach and brand value of your blog also gets impacted by the type of content, you put up in your blog posts.

Above everything else, the content is the most important aspect of a blog. We all face difficulties in coming up with new and exciting blog topics every time we sit write a post. Sometimes, we have the idea, but we are not able to nurture it properly. However, at times, we have no clue where to start. But, you need to brainstorm on what topics, people are looking forward to read. So, here are 10 simple and easy tips to come with amazing and exciting ideas for your blog.


1. INFOGRAPHIC_Tipstowriteexitingblogs-01

Search the Internet:

Browse through the Internet for ideas, themes and other blogs, e-magazines or portals to hunt for ideas. The Net is a huge repository of information, ideas, facts and figures, so you will definitely find something new and exciting every day, both within and outside your niche.

Ask your audience:

Your audience can be an enriching source of topics as well. Check their comments on what they would like to read, or you can conduct a poll of a few suggested topics to see what your audience is really interested in.

Ask others to contribute:

When you are not able to exercise your brain muscles, it is okay to take help from others. So, you can ask fellow bloggers for a guest post or you can put up an interview of a someone influential in your social or niche.

Keep an idea file:

Ideas come and go within a matter of seconds. So, it is better to keep your ideas written down as and when they come. It is better to keep them in an idea file before they got lost.

Check what others are writing:

You can always go to the blogs of other bloggers to check what they are writing. You can borrow a topic or two from them. However, you need to develop your own unique content.

Expand on your niche:

If you are a niche blogger like a food blogger or a lifestyle blogger, you can decide to extend on the same to get new ideas. Take cues from what you had written earlier, and start from there. Pick up topics which had maximum hits and give a new perspective to them.

See what’s trending:

Trending topics always fetch a good number of hits. These are topics, which people are currently reading and writing about. So, if you can use proper keywords and good SEO techniques, your blog post can get a greater reach when the topic is trending.

Share your story:

Your own story ad experiences are always new and unique, so write about them. Readers will never find this on anyone else’s blog, so if they find something interesting, they will always love to come back for a good read again.

Link your blogs:

Choose topics, which lets you link content to your previous blogs as well. Or you can link it to some interesting article or information, which is already popular.

Get Creative:

The best way to choose exciting topics is to get creative. If you are a food blogger, you can write related articles on travel. You can explore a completely different niche to give something interesting to read for your regular followers. It might be something new and unexpected for the visitors.

Sometimes, it just takes a nanosecond for that brilliant idea or topic to click in your mind, but at times it might take ages. But, to sustain and grow in this age of competitive marketing, you need your own unique selling proposition to stand out in the crowd. So, let your blog topics, and exciting, innovative and eye-catching titles can be such a differentiator, which attracts visitors to your blog. Hope the above tips will help to decide on different topics, that are interesting and something people would love to read on your blog.

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If done smartly, blogging can not only be profitable for you but also increase brand awareness. However, people tend to make serious mistakes and instead of generating leads, end up getting none. So, we have listed 5 blogging mistakes that you need to fix if you want to be a successful blogger and get new leads. Read more

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