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How To Write The Perfect Blog Post

Writing the perfect blog post is not easy. A lot of research, time and effort go into creating a good blog post, consistently, every time you write one. Quality matters the most, as it is the most important criteria, especially when you want your readers to pay attention to your posts.


You might wonder how can one judge if a blog post is good or not? Can any yardstick be applied? Well, if the blog post is indeed great, it will be shared by viewers the most number of times. It also attracts traffic, engages the customers and triggers sales at the end of the day.

When you see your posts going viral, triggering sales and increasing your bottom line – you know you have achieved your target. How can you write flawless posts? Compelling headlines, interesting introductions, good quality images, etc., are some of the tricks. In this article, we will be discussing each one in depth. Read more

How To Make Perfect Headlines For Social Media Posts

Your headlines decide the fate of your posts. They make the first impression on your reader’s mind. If the headline fails to intrigue readers, then 80% of your effort is a sheer waste.

People read only the headlines when they browse through social media pages. If the headlines are catchy and interesting, only then do they actually get motivated to click the link and read the whole story. If they are not attracted by the headline, they will move on to the next update, which takes as little as 5 seconds!

Therefore, headlines for social media posts should be compelling enough to attract the readers. How can you create killer headlines for all your social media posts? We are sharing some tricks on how you can create perfect headlines for social media posts that will lead to more clicks and shares. Read more

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