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The Online Shopping Bug

Are you running out of time to shop for your daughter’s birthday bash next week? There are a myriad things to do, but not enough time to go shop hopping? Never mind, grab a pen and a slip of paper, put your feet up, get comfy, and start making a list, that’s all you need to do because online shopping has indeed simplified our lives in a way you couldn’t have imagined!

Right from books, toys, clothes, electronics, groceries, everything you will ever need is available online. It has in fact changed the perception of shopping, hasn’t it? We don’t even have to run to shopping centers or malls every time we need to buy something.

And to think of the long queues at the billing counters! Not to forget the awful traffic on the road. Horrible!! Online shopping is as simple as a blink of the eye and a click of the mouse and you get everything delivered to your doorstep! It’s true that online retailers have created a shopping revolution for us!

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Running a Successful Instagram Contest

instagram-logo Instagram is the fastest growing social media site globally and everyone wants to market his or her business on Instagram! And why not? Statistics show the burgeoning engagement rate on Instagram. It has more than 200 million monthly active users with 20 billion photoshares and 1.6 billion daily likes. Now isn’t that something!! Oh, come on! Hard to believe? Go ahead and give it a try to see just how impactful it really is. Give it a shot and see the effect it has on your business. Just run an Instagram contest to give your feed a viral boost. That’s the best way to engage followers.

Ah yes, got it. You are new to Instagram, right? And totally confused about how to get started? Not to fear when help is near! Just follow these great tips today and voila! Let the magic unfold!

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