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20 Best Websites to Get Free Images for your Content Marketing


Sometimes getting free images by doing a Google search can be quite tough, right? Trying to search for images using different keywords until you get some vague images that loosely fit into the content can be challenging.

And then how can one forget the copyright restrictions on certain images that make the task of finding the appropriate images a mammoth one! After a fanatic search, what remains as residue hardly meets our needs.

The task was getting impossible until one day we decided to search for websites from where we could download and use high quality images absolutely free. We would like to share this list with you, so that it saves you a lot of time and effort in finding perfect images. Read more

How Visual Storytelling Boosts Your Content Marketing on Facebook



Most often, we forget to include visual storytelling in our social media strategy. We forget it because we tend to ignore it. We ignore it because we are not aware of its potential!

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t we all love to see picture updates on our Facebook page? Don’t we click on the links with intriguing images? We can’t even imagine Facebook updates without photos!

Studies show that 93% of most engaged posts in Facebook are photo posts. Photo updates get more likes, comments and clicks on links than text updates. Clearly, photo updates generate more engagement and shares on Facebook and eventually drive more traffic to your website. Read more

Video Marketing War: Who is Winning It?

The future of online marketing is here – it is Video Marketing. The war gets intense as all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are gearing up to win the mighty space that was once predominated by YouTube.

The social media powerhouses are developing video marketing resources in their own way. Are you making the most of this advantage to promote your business online? Read more

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