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Six strategies for delivering effective presentations


Everyone talks, but not everyone can talk effectively. Effective speech is a gift that most do not have, but it can be cultivated. There are some simple rules that need to be remembered for a presentation to be effective. Some of the basic rules are to be well prepared and relaxed, confident that your performance will have the desired impact on your audience.

Other important presentation rules to remember are:


Less Content:

Each slide of a presentation should hold a short message and a corresponding picture that enhances the thought behind the slide. Less words and more picture technique is highly effective. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Keep it Short and Simple (KISS):

This rule is applicable to almost everything creative. A very complicated message leaves the audience confused. A presentation that runs over 25 minutes leaves the audience drained.

Tell a story and rehearse:

A story has the ability to hold the attention of an audience much better than that of a long drawn explanation. It engages the audience, makes them retain the information. When it is a rehearsed story, there is more confidence and air of knowledge, which is well appreciated by an audience.

The rule of three:

Research says that we can remember only three things at a time. It is therefore best to mark three key areas that you want the audience to remember and take away from the presentation. It is also important to keep a maximum of three points in a slide. Leave out the bullet points as it makes the slide look like the presenter’s notes.

Know your presentation:

It is important that you do not keep turning back to the presentation to see the upcoming slide. It leaves the audience thinking that you are seeing the presentation for the first time.

Back-up plan:

The third law of Murphy – “when something can go wrong, it will” is very applicable in presentations as well. It is always prudent to be prepared with a back-up of the presentation and some printed copies to be circulated in case of a power cut or a projector malfunction.

There will always be new learning from every presentation. Each one will always be better than the previous one. It is up to you to choose to keep in mind these simple rules to make a perfect presentation.

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