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We are all hooked onto social media these days. Some of us have accounts on all the social platforms, be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and the list goes on! Posting our thoughts, uploading pictures, following groups or people, interacting and connecting with the right kind of populace is the basis of social networking. No doubt we may know a lot about social media or might profess to know about it, but how many of us truly know anything about social media optimization? Social Media Optimization (SMO) is basically using social media for publicity to generate brand awareness. So, if you have your own brand, then you can bank on these social platforms to promote your product and get noticed.

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SMO generates significant traffic at absolutely no cost. Moreover, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are using social media data to improve their ranking data. In fact, Google and Bing acknowledged that they use Likes, +1’s, Tweets and Shares to better rank content. As a result, the web pages with more social recommendations get more traffic and rank better. So, how exactly does Social Media Optimization (SMO) influence Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Sharing Helps in Link Building

Link Building is an integral part of SEO to settle on whether other websites recognize the information on your website as useful. Business houses follow reliable link-building strategies to get higher rankings.

They share original content on social networks to help the search engines understand their credibility. So, content that has been shared more on social platforms gets higher ranks than those with nil shares.

The Content Gets Indexed Pretty Fast

If your content is shared more number of times, then search engines consider them as quality information. The more links the web pages have, the faster the search engines index them. Social media is a powerful tool that can influence the number of links a web page gets within a very short time frame. And the search engine speeds up the pace of indexing the content. So, more the number of shares and tweets, faster is the indexing of the web page.

Boosts Relevant Keywords

The search engine filters the keywords from the content shared on social networks as well as the profile of the account. Hence, if you have a brand, then all social profiles should contain the company name, the URL and a bio of the company.

For instance, if you do a quick search for Pepsi, the top results will include the social pages next to the website, wiki content and press releases. Moreover, the hashtags that you add on social networks are equally important. The metadata tags make your content more searchable in search engines.

Augments the Rankings

Over a period of time, the more content you share across social networks, the higher the rankings of your web page. The unique and fresh content that you share increases the authority of your domain, driving more traffic, that ensures long-term success. As we have discussed in our last blog, search engines like Google like fresh content. So, when it sees unique and fresh content being shared across social networks, it increases the page rank.

Don’t Hold Yourself Back

What’s holding you back from entering the domain of social media? If you have a brand then you ought to be promoting it and what better way than on social media platforms! Start talking about your brand and spread awareness of the products right now. Potential customers are always looking for something innovative and new and publicizing your brand on social media would do nothing but help your brand and benefit you. And if you are already into it, then is it really impacting your website traffic?

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    Very good post again!!, informative article. Yes, Social Media will boost your SEO. If your social media pages optimized well, then automatically your keyword position will increase.


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    its awesome seo guide .keyword research is most impotent after reading this i want to rank some relevant good trafficable keywords .i glad to read this article.

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  • Social Media primarily used for branding and relationship building. If we consider social media from SEO stand point then contacts we build with influencers on Social Media sites can be further leveraged for brand mentions and links back to our sites. This will surely help in ranking as well as visibility. Google Plus system is best built for SEO and being a Google product, Google+ gets lots of ranking advantages which other social networks can’t deliver.

    Soumya Roy
    Digital Marketing & SEO Coach

  • Nice post and also very informative.. thanks for sharing…

  • Nice post and also very informative.. thanks for sharing…


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