How Does Blogging Boost Search Engine Optimization?



Do you know the attention span of us human beings? It’s just 8 seconds! Yes, we humans just can’t seem to stick to any one thing for too long. We tend to move away from things the minute we realize we are getting stuck or going nowhere! What is 8 seconds? And what’s even harder is the fact that if we want our web page to perform well, we need to grab the attention of the reader within those 8 seconds, which is not all that much. So, we are all in this rat race, working very hard to rank our web page higher in search engine tools, spending a hell of a lot of time getting to know the secrets of SEO.

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Well, there might be one thing that will help you in that regard. BLOGGING. You may have plenty of reasons to blog that might include establishing yourself as a pro, asserting your integrity, spreading your brand awareness, sharing your company news, so on and so forth. But don’t forget that all these help in boosting SEO.

Indexed Pages

When it comes to indexing, blogs do have a huge impact. Search engines count each post as a new page on the website. So, if you have for instance 100 blogs, then search engines will consider them as 100 new pages. How does it help? The search engine robots will stay on your site for longer. What’s more, your web pages can be found for a greater number of keywords, automatically expanding the search engine reach and in the bargain, it will drive more traffic to your website.

Link Building

Backlinking is very important for SEO. Search engines consider websites useless if they do not have any backlinks. However, low quality and unrelated links will take you nowhere. On the contrary, you can get black listed by search engine algorithms like Google Panda and Penguin. Here is when your high quality blog links come handy.

The blog posts allow you to generate your own backlinks by sharing them on social platforms. Your viewers also share these links on social media, thus providing you with more backlinks.

Social Sharing

Social Media plays a crucial role in SEO. You need to add your blogs on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. It gives the search engines the links to find your company when someone searches for your company from the blog. And yes, the positive comments and popularity of your blogs on the social platforms will definitely boost your SEO, there is no doubt about that!

Fresh Content

We all like uniqueness, something fresh, unseen, unheard of. And the same holds true for content too. Search engines are always on the search for unique content. But how often do you refresh a web page? Not often right? That’s why you need to maintain a steady blog flow to your website. The search engine robots will crawl your site quite often and keep your webpage ranking higher. It will also benefit you when prospective customers keep visiting your website.

Content is King

So, we can safely say that Content is King as it boosts SEO and is one of the most effective marketing tools. We would like to know how your content strategy boosts your SEO? Do share your thoughts with us here.

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  • Hi MediaLabs,

    Very good article! It will be really helpful for the Webmasters out there. However, I want to add my insights here regarding link building. I think that the Link building is almost becoming obsolete because of the latest Google Panda and Penguin Updates. To know more read the full story here: and


  • Great article! Definitely sharing. I was doing some marketing consultation for an electrical contractor not too long ago, and the owner’s head almost exploded when I suggested starting a blog. The points you just made are the same points I made to him. He still hasn’t made a decision, but he became much more open-minded.

    Thanks Again,


    • Jason, glad we can help you with this article. Let us know if you need help along the way.

  • Great post! Many companies are longing to get noticed on search engines but fail to take into consideration the value of having a unique content on website, which is possible when the site has a blogging section. From SEO perspective, blogging has become an important parameter as it helps to bring in new visitors, keeps a website updated, can help in quality link building.

    • Abhijit, You are absolutely right. Glad, we can help to spread the word. If you need help then feel free to contact us. Visit our site to know more about us.


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