How Do You Create Cool Content That Goes Viral?



Do you know which is the most crowded place in the world that is busting with energy? No, it’s definitely not your place! It’s the WEB! Surprised? Well, every day people share a lot of information on the web, so it’s just swamped with data, which definitely makes it the most crowded place. It’s like a vast ocean and you are just a little droplet in it. So, how can you entice people with your content?

It’s true that certain posts get wildly popular across social platforms. Take a look at the social profiles of celebrities. Whether they write 2 words or 20, it all gets instant likes and shares.

If you are into content strategy, it will be really nice to know what kind of content gets shared the most. Don’t worry about the tools, technology or platform you work on. Simply stick to the ground rule that spectacular content always gets the maximum shares. So, how can you create some cool stuff that goes viral? Read on!

Create Content That is Simple Yet Focused


Readers love to read content that has an obvious purpose. Like what exactly you may ask? Informational content! This is more than likely to go viral. Promoting a cause and staying in touch with people will take definitely be a hit. When you are thinking about reaching out to an audience, try to focus more on the “everyday person,” while producing high quality content.

Allow Your Sense of Humor to Spill Out in Your Content


You can also garner the most reaction from your readers when the content is funny and keeps them in splits. You are looking for informational as well as humorous content, “edutainment” as it’s commonly known. It always helps when you read something hilarious and can have a hearty laugh. Looking through content that has you doubling up helps, especially when you haven’t exactly had a very favorable day at work perhaps! A Good Sense of Humor Makes Content Handsome! And yes, that works like magic.

The Content Should be Unusual


Unusual content should definitely mean uncommon or something that has never been spoken about that leaves an impression in the reader’s mind. But make sure not to create content that is so very unusual that it becomes offensive – causing an altogether different effect. Novelty is what you are looking for. The “have you heard about that..” or “are you aware of…” kind of content will definitely get people talking about it.

Emoting Through Your Content



An emotion is what triggers a feeling or a memory. There should be an element of surprise and joy or awe all rolled into one. Content that strikes the right chords and tugs at the correct strings will always get shared and will definitely go viral. You have to push the right buttons to get people talking. Creating feel-good content where people connect with what they read is the formula for getting the most shares and likes.

Over To You


So, are you ready to push the right buttons? Do you have it in you to create same magic with your content? Then, what are you waiting for? Keep in mind all these factors, which will help you stay on the right track. Your audience is waiting for you. Reach out to them!

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