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How To Use The Most Powerful Connection Tool on LinkedIn

Social media has opened new doors for relationship building, conversation and creating a buzz. Social network, being the global platform, allows you to grow and build connections wherever you are. It all starts with tweeting others’ content, sharing posts on Facebook and publishing great content on LinkedIn. Most of the noted entrepreneurs nowadays use social platforms for building relationships, leading to joint ventures and collaboration.

If we talk about using social media for business, which social platform comes to your mind? Would you choose Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn? We have seen that people typically choose Facebook and Twitter for their social media strategies and simply ignore LinkedIn. Even if we have a LinkedIn profile, we tend to underestimate its potential. LinkedIn has a very powerful tool – the “Advanced” Search. If you are not familiar with that term and are wondering what it is used for, then you need to read on. Read more

How To Boost Engagement With Your Facebook Fans

We all know that Facebook, apart from being extremely user friendly, is also the most popular social network. It is the king of social networking sites. But is Facebook marketing bogging you down or are you unable to identify and reach your target audience? Here are some statistics that will compel you to rethink your strategy. A study by KISSmetrics shows that Facebook has 500 million active users. Almost 50% of these active users log onto Facebook on a daily basis. Average users spend at least 700 minutes per month and people interact with over 900 million objects, like pages, events and groups. It most definitely is a safe haven for social media strategists for promoting brands and products.



Facebook as a networking site though has its own challenges. More than 300 million pieces of content are shared on Facebook every month. With such vast content being shared, you need to keep a check on optimizing your page to get more likes and comments. So, what should you keep in mind if you want to improve engagement with your fans? Here are ways to improve and increase engagement on Facebook.

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Is Your Twitter Marketing Strategy Working For You?

If you take a closer look at Twitter, you will find a host of start-ups and young enthusiastic bloggers who are exploring this platform and getting a feel of Twitter, tweeting every once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with that if you are just tweeting your thoughts as a person just for fun. But what if you are using it for marketing? How would you go about it? A random, unplanned approach is strictly a no-no.

When you are using Twitter for marketing, you need to tweet to engage with your followers, so that you get leads from followers and clients from leads. That’s the whole objective of having a Twitter account, right? How do you create an amazing marketing strategy for Twitter? Here’s how you can do it!

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