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The Case Study Mantra for Marketing


We all know that ‘everybody loves a story’ and this has become an underlying guideline for marketers and brand managers. Brands today, not sell a product or a service, rather they share experiences and emotions, which makes you buy their product or service.

Marketing is no longer about selling your proposition and getting new customers. It has overlapped with Branding, which believes in creating a niche, a connect and retaining valuable customers. So, in order to do so, they need to move afar from traditional marketing and do more of experiential marketing and emotional branding. These tools are meant to involve a customer and rather than to pursue them.

One tool for achieving this can be using case studies and making them more customer-centric. Case Studies are nothing but a way to share past experiences or to explain with an example. They are also used to exemplify a case, an issue or a lesson from the past to be used in the future.

Case studies are like an asset, which helps you to justify your brand – why is your product/service better, how it has added value for others and how it can benefit you.

Today, customers are smart. They know where to look for online reviews, personal recommendations, user ratings and others before they make any purchase. They can compare and contrast between different options. They are conscious enough to do their own research online before investing on any option. It is believed that 9 out of 10 customers are looking for online reviews and feedback before buying a product and 88% of consumers rely on online reviews as they do on personal recommendations.

Let’s take a look at a few of the interesting ways to use case studies for your marketing.

Feature them on your Home Page

People would like to know how others felt before they buy the product. So, let them read testimonials or reviews immediately, when they land on your home page. You can either feature as scrolling text or call to action for reading in details.

Keep a separate tab for them

It is important to highlight case studies along with other information in the website. So, you can keep a separate section for them like ‘Case Studies’, ‘Stories for Success’ or ‘Lead by Examples’. Urge visitors to browse through case studies with attractive taglines, or other ways to draw them to that section.

Make interactive tools

Earlier, case studies used to be simple text, which gets boring to read and might not work now-a-days. So, make case studies interesting and interactive by converting them into videos, slideshows, or using catchy images, graphs, etc., which makes it easy to interpret yet informational.

Publicize them on social media

In today’s age of social media, it is not enough to just keep the case studies in your website. You need to publicize and make them visible as well. So, write about it in blogs, share in social media like Facebook, Twitter and others. Make them popular through different groups like LinkedIn groups and others.

Combine them with other tools

Case studies, if combined with other marketing tools can do wonders. Make them a part of email marketing, use them in your signature as links, feature them in brochures and incorporate them in newsletters.

Train sales team with them

The sales team is responsible for lead generation. So, train them with case studies, which they can use in sales and promotions. They can use these examples more than describing the features and utilities, which the customer might already be aware of. The more they are able to gain the trust of the customer by providing them evidence, the better chances are there to turn them into prospects. Case studies never grow old, just that they need to be presented in the right way at the right point of time.

There can be many other ways to use case studies effectively like Using relevant case studies on landing pages, Creating effective Slide-Shares, Using them for Training and Sales presentations, and others.

According to another study by Content Marketing Institute, where they listed 12 effective marketing tactics, case studies fared at fifth position. It shows that around 63% of UK marketers believe that case studies can be effective in marketing.

Case Studies

might be a traditional tool, but with modern ways to revamp and re-design the message can definitely help you in sales and promotion, marketing, branding and customer engagement.

Make a case of your offering and use it effectively to showcase your product or service!

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