How Do You Write Great Content Consistently?



Thinking of topics that can be created into terrific blog posts can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. In our last post, we discussed how we find inspiring ideas that keep us going. It’s easy when you are new to it and your head is bursting with ideas. But as time progresses, you start falling short of ideas and end up staring at a blank screen and a blinking cursor.

How you wish you could just come up with brilliant ideas at the click of your fingers! Here are some great avenues that will help you write great content every time.

1. Answering Questions

As we discussed earlier, educating and answering questions that customers pose, always helps. You can do some research on the problems your customers are facing and plan your next blog accordingly. It will give rise to some brilliant topics that can be blogged about. So, to start, you can do the following:

A. Follow Quora

You can sign up on Quora – a platform where people ask as well as answer questions. It’s easy to search for a specific topic and you can pick out some really interesting questions related to your domain.



Once you are done with researching the questions associated with your industry, you can write a blog on them.

B. Focus On Your Own Audience

If you follow your own readers, you will get to know what your customers want. Don’t ignore the feedback section where they comment on your blogs.


Instead of replying with a long comment, you can take pointers from their comments and answer them in your next blog post.

2. Answering Questions

Isn’t Google a fantastic search engine tool? But you can do more than just a simple search. In fact, you can:

A. Google Search

You can use Google search for research instead of a simple search. You will get related topics. You can also use the advanced search option to generate a related search. Another way of coming up with ideas is a Google Blog Search.


It will give you a list of blogs according to your search. You will also see what other people are blogging about and what comments their viewers have shared.

B. Google Keywords

Google Keywords is also a wonderful keyword tool where you can perform a search with words or phrases linked to your industry. The tool will break down the search terms and give you keywords, which you can then use to do a further search.


You will get an idea of the popular terms and it will also give you an SEO-friendly title for your blog.

C. Google Alerts

Now when you have e-mail and RSS readers, you can use Google Alerts. You can also do a regular search on Google Alerts, provided you have time to do that.


But if time is a crunch for you, then you can set up Google Alerts and the search results will be sent to your inbox or RSS feed.

D. Google Trends

Trends influence people. So if you blog on trending topics, your viewership will increase. Google Trends allows you to find hot trends that people are following.


You can pick the most recent and relevant news pertaining to your industry and keep your readers up-to-date with what’s happening. They will appreciate your effort and share it on their social pages.

It’s Your Turn Now!

We would love to know how you explore and come up with ideas for blogging. Feel free to share your story with us.

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