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How Do You Create Cool Content That Goes Viral?

Do you know which is the most crowded place in the world that is busting with energy? No, it’s definitely not your place! It’s the WEB! Surprised? Well, every day people share a lot of information on the web, so it’s just swamped with data, which definitely makes it the most crowded place. It’s like a vast ocean and you are just a little droplet in it. So, how can you entice people with your content?

It’s true that certain posts get wildly popular across social platforms. Take a look at the social profiles of celebrities. Whether they write 2 words or 20, it all gets instant likes and shares.

If you are into content strategy, it will be really nice to know what kind of content gets shared the most. Don’t worry about the tools, technology or platform you work on. Simply stick to the ground rule that spectacular content always gets the maximum shares. So, how can you create some cool stuff that goes viral? Read on! Read more

Turning To Social Media For A Social Cause

Back in the early 2000s when social media was still in its crawling stages, little did anyone realize how it would lead to a paradigm shift in people’s behavioral approach. Who would have imagined that it would keep us hooked to our laptops and smart phones, checking updates every now and then? As the years have gone by, people are increasingly turning to social media platforms to build an online identity for them, to be in contact with the rest of the world, to gain insight into some lesser-known facts and share some of the stuff they love and promote. Some people have dedicated their lives to certain causes or charities they care for and find it uplifting to be able to share these experiences with everyone. Today, social media has become one of the key driving factors for spreading awareness of social causes.

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