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Five Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

Yes, it’s true that Twitter has a lot of potential. Twitter, like any other social media site, is a platform where all your stuff is visible the instant you post it. It can work wonders for your blog, your business or a brand, but did you know that unlike other social media platforms, Twitter doesn’t allow you to rectify your mistakes or edit them later on?

twitter-mistakes-avoid-medialabs Once posted, whether you like it or not, you cannot do anything about it. Even a minute mistake on Twitter will be noticed in an instant and will open the floodgates of criticism. So, beware! If used ineffectively, it can cause some serious damage to you or anything that you represent. To avoid going through that rigmarole, take a look at the five most common Twitter mistakes that you can avoid.
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Websites That Support Hashtags

There was a time when the lowly number (#) symbol was vaguely used and its presence was rather teeny-weeny unlike some of the other more dominating ones. People only used it may be in reference to numbers. But things have changed, like a Cinderella story overnight, for this once upon a time lesser-known symbol. It has indeed shot to fame with it being used or may be overused in today’s scenario. In the social world, it has ceased to be just a number sign anymore. It’s now a hashtag, something of utmost importance, something that has created waves like a style statement and is predominant everywhere!

Hashtags are basically words or phrases with a prefix “#’. You can find content related to specific topics by just using the hash symbol. Hashtags are related to core keywords and therefore play an important role in search engine optimization (SEO) of content as well as websites. Hashtags with the right keywords ensure long-term drive of relevant traffic to your website.
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