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Ah! We all spend a lot of time wondering how to get more twitter traffic, don’t we? The solution? Re-tweet! As simple as that. But what pops up in your mind is how to do that, right? Yes, we all know that it’s easy to tweet, but the hardest part is getting re-tweets. Here are 10 simple ways to get more people re-tweeting your tweets. Try them for a fantastic re-tweeting escapade.


1. Keep it Short and Sweet

Keep your tweets short and crisp yet engaging, compelling people to re-tweet. Twitter allows you to tweet 140 characters. It’s fine that you love to use all these 140 characters in your tweet, but then there’s no scope for anyone to even add a comment before re-tweeting the original post. Remember, the easier you make it for others to re-tweet, chances for them actually re-tweeting increases.

2. Timing Matters

Tweeting at the right time matters the most. What’s the point in tweeting when no one is online? All your effort goes in vain! Most of the people are active on social media platforms around about 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., which means activity is at its peak during this period. More engagement and clicks happen in the afternoon and late evening. To get the best effect, do some research to find out what time works best for you. It’s worth staying active when response is what you are looking for!

3. Add Hashtags

Though hashtags are the most underrated symbols, people do follow hashtags. It adds a zing to your tweet. How does it help potentially? Someone who is not following you but searching the hashtags, will find your content from the hashtags and start re-tweeting them. So the potential is superb! Find out the trending hashtags and leverage them. It will get you maximum re-tweets. However, don’t overdo it! That is, never add #toolonghashtags that end up looking like spam.

4. Include Internal Links

Do you know the reason why people tune into Twitter? Yes, you got it right – to get information and updates. Studies show people re-tweet when a tweet refers to an online resource or news updates. Next time, you re-tweet make sure that you embed an URL.

5. Ask People to Re-tweet

Oh Yes! This is unmistakably the easiest way to get more re-tweets. This way your content will be shared by others. Research shows that if you include “Please Re-tweet’, “Please RT” or simply “RT” then your tweets will generate 4 times more re-tweets. So, don’t hesitate. Just go ahead and ask others to re-tweet your content.

6. Re-Tweet Others

Now that you have asked people to re-tweet your tweets, the same applies to you! They also want their tweets to be re-tweeted! When you re-tweet others’ content, your name stands out and they know you did your job. Similarly, in return, they will start re-tweeting your content. It’s like “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!” it’s a great way to acknowledge others to get the acknowledgment back!!

7. Add Pictures and Videos

Post interesting images and videos to grab the eyeball. It helps in doubling the engagement. In fact, according to a study, tweets with images get 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more re-tweets. The numbers show it all!

8. Avoid Words That are Least Re-tweetable

A host of words ought not to be used on Twitter. According to the Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella, words that are least re-tweetable include:
• Game
• Going
• Haha
• Lol
• But
• Watching
• Work
• Home
• Night
• Bed
• Well
• Sleep
• Gonna
• Hey
• Tomorrow
• Tired
• Some
• Back
• Bored
• Listening

Well, what puts them in the don’t-even-try-to-use zone? These words are used multiple times in our daily chitchats, aren’t they? And Twitter is not the place to chitchat.

9. Include Social Media Share Buttons in Your Content

Add the social media buttons in all your blog posts. It will encourage people to re-tweet if they like the content. It will work because it gets easier for the readers to re-tweet the content if they like reading it and want to share it. Just by clicking the social media buttons in the blog post, they can share the content instantly. 10. Build a Network

And last but not the least, you need to build a network. And yes, make them online. Every week do a research on which communities or people have the maximum number of followers. How do you reach them? Well, message them directly, communicate with them through emails, re-tweet their tweets and get them to do the same. So happy re-tweeting!!!!

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