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Can Rural India Benefit from the Social Media Boom?

What does Social Media mean to you? Well, for starters, social media is basically any application or website that enables users to create and share content in virtual communities and networks. It allows you to connect with the masses as well as to stay in perpetual contact with your near and dear ones. All of a sudden, the world seems to have shrunk comparatively, all thanks to social media. It would mean that you would be able to connect with anyone, situated anywhere and at any time. But unfortunately, the same does not hold true for Rural India. The user base in India is still largely the urban tech-savvy population and rural India is still lagging behind in this space.

social media-boom-rural india

However, having said that, there are a lot of opportunities in the rural market, which are still highly unorganized as well as unexplored. Telecom providers are now exploring the markets and offering services to a wide base. Over time, the purchasing power of rural India has increased substantially, driving forward the demand of such a “luxury.” It has become an important marketing segment as urban markets have become over saturated and over competitive.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Communication

Are you an Internet devotee who is hooked to the internet 24×7? Do you reach out and grab your phone every time you hear that beep sound, in hopes of getting the latest updates? If you find yourself partaking in this activity, then you can very safely consider yourself an Internet fanatic. If you are online almost all of the time, you should also be aware of certain “netiquettes” that you must follow. Never heard of that word, right? A blend of Internet and Etiquette is called “Netiquette.”

In simple words, netiquette relates to certain rules of any online communication. What goes online, stays there, right? So, we need to be aware of what we are publishing online. Do you know how it helps? Well, appropriate tweets, comments and photos might save you from getting into hot water. Most importantly, if you can abide by the digital etiquettes like securing your passwords, using anti-virus software, ignoring pop-ups, etc., you will be capable of keeping the cyber fraudsters at bay. Here are some great “netiquettes” to retain your digital image. Are they a part of your digital footprint yet?

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Digital Media Vs Print Media: Which works better for you?

It’s true that we all love the smell of print that digital media is unable to capture! We simply enjoy visiting the bookstores and leafing through the pages of new magazines, while the virtual world is still working on fragrance. Well there are challenges and comfort zones. However, it remains a fact that digital world is the new buzz giving print media a run for its money.



In fact, the one ritual which was sacrosanct with the x and y generation is slowly being taken over. Yes you guessed it right, our daily ritual of browsing through the morning newspaper while having our favorite cuppaas been steadily replaced by messages on whatsapp, facebook and twitter. We are now more used to browsing our mobile phones or social media sites to get all the latest updates rather than turning to page 3 or 8. Well, each medium has its unique advantages and patrons. Read more