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Back in the early 2000s when social media was still in its crawling stages, little did anyone realize how it would lead to a paradigm shift in people’s behavioral approach. Who would have imagined that it would keep us hooked to our laptops and smart phones, checking updates every now and then? As the years have gone by, people are increasingly turning to social media platforms to build an online identity for them, to be in contact with the rest of the world, to gain insight into some lesser-known facts and share some of the stuff they love and promote. Some people have dedicated their lives to certain causes or charities they care for and find it uplifting to be able to share these experiences with everyone. Today, social media has become one of the key driving factors for spreading awareness of social causes.

A study released by Georgetown University found that more than 55% of the respondents have been inspired to support social causes beyond clicks and likes. The support includes donating money (68%), donating personal items or food (52%) and even volunteering (53%). Therefore, there is no doubt at all that social media has crossed all boundaries and gone far beyond the idle chatter, creating a connection and changing the general perception to induce meaningful actions for social causes.

Why People Choose Social Media for Supporting a Social Cause?

Social Influence

Influencing people to support various causes on social platforms has a greater impact, and more and more people are following this path. The aim is to spread awareness about welfare issues like donation, volunteering, participating in online petitions, etc. Who can forget the horrific “Nirbhaya” incident that rocked the entire nation? It went completely viral when people widely and openly condemned the heinous crime on social platforms to demand justice. The desire to amplify support drives us to share such social causes on our social media pages.

Top Source of Information

Social media has outstripped the traditional sources of information. People prefer to get regular updates from social platforms like Twitter rather than reading the newspaper or watching the news. Word of mouth spreads at lightning speed on social media. In addition, what about the movie promotions we see? Don’t we love watching the trailers shared online on these social platforms?

Social media is now a powerful marketing tool where we get all the latest news and updates instantly. If you need information on any particular topic, you can simply do a search operation with the relevant hashtags, and bingo, the entire treasure of information will unfold in front of you.

Storytelling Drives Action

Interesting storytelling has the potential to induce online support as well as offline engagement like donating, volunteering, etc., among the digital-savvy population. Stories are the keys for success on social media. People are motivated to do more than just sharing and liking if they are moved by the story and believe in it. Interesting videos and photos supporting the storytelling have a better impact. Good storytelling definitely compels people to donate money and time for supporting any good social causes, encompassing a wider range, from child education to conservation of the ecology.

Social Media Indeed Creates Success Stories

None can deny that social media can create instant awareness. In fact, it’s a fantastic way of reaching out to the masses and that too at no cost. Compelling causes with a good social impact will automatically draw attention as well as action from us, isn’t that true?

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