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Trending the diagrammatic charts right now is the all-new graphic representation of information known as an Infographic. An infographic is created solely with the intent of clearly understanding complex information. Don’t we like reading Archie or Tintin comic strips more than we enjoy reading serious topics on biochemistry or physics? What if these very baffling topics were visually represented with a riot of colors instead of just some mundane and unadorned wordings? Wouldn’t it be fascinating? Well, an Infographic is all about that – presenting information in a visually intriguing manner.

It’s a way in which a complicated subject matter is simplified into a more entertaining one. It makes even a boring topic appear engrossing, making it hard to ignore. It is visually compelling and contains the subject matter that is indeed informative just like the following report presentation.

Infographics Drive Social Engagement

Infographics generate more social engagement, increasing your audience base, improving brand identity as well as Google rankings. Cool right? Even statistics back Infographics. It reveals that an average person reads only 20% of the text on a webpage. They retain 20% of what they have read and 80% of what they see. For our brains, seeing is retaining, isn’t it? That is the reason why visual content gets 94% more views than plain text content. In fact, visual content is more popular on social media too and is shared 40 times more on all social platforms.

Do you want your target audiences to be hooked to your site? Then, create stuff that will do just that, like an out-of-the-box idea. Don’t forget to work hard and figure out the exact interests of your target audience. Only that way can you create content around some trending topics that your audience will be motivated to see and share across social platforms, driving social engagement. And yes, increase in social engagement will lead to more brand awareness. Do you know how? The infographics that you create will have your company’s name and logo. The more it is circulated, the more recognition it will get, thereby making your brand more popular.

Tracking Social Engagement of Infographics

It’s easy to track key performance indicators like traffic, engagement, shares, likes, +1’s, etc. Some tools come in handy for measuring the efficacy of your infographic marketing. If you want to gauge social engagement, try using Share Tally that gives you all the lowdown on the number of times your webpage has been shared.

If you want to keep a track on the number of times the infographic was pinned in Pinterest, you can start using the Tailwind app, which will help you generate analytical reports. To get information on your readers and other general statistics, you will need to sign up with TrueSocialMetrics, which is a social media analytics tool.

Need To Wow Your Target Audience? Try Infographics!

If you are a content marketing strategist and frustrated with the results, then try incorporating infographics in the current topics. An infographic is a sure shot way to get more traffic. The ball is in your court now. Get started and woo your target audience using enjoyable infographics that will hold their attention and give you the desired results.

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