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brainstorming-apps-business Smartphones have definitely uncomplicated our otherwise complicated lives and eased up things on the whole; starting from morning alarms to start-of-the-day reminders, gently refreshing our memory of important tasks to do, meetings to attend, appointments and even a reminder to take our medicines before retiring to bed, for the very forgetful lot! Every small detail is entered into our smartphones, so that we can have a stress-free life without forgetting anything.

If smartphones have made life simpler, then the ingenious apps that come along with them have altruistically changed our lives. Be it weight loss where you download an app and hit the gym, booking a cab or watching a movie, there are apps for just about anything you can think of.

Coming up with ideas for any business is a daunting task. When ideas do breeze through your mind a mile a minute, even the most structured idea can vanish into oblivion. Ideas do not materialize out of thin air. It takes time and effort to envision them and hard work to actually create something out of them. How can you hold the reins of the ideas that flow through your mind every second? It is with some brainstorming apps that can transform colorful ideas into reality. Here are 5 best apps meant for smartphones that can help your business.


The iBrainstorrm app is compatible with an iPhone or iPad. It is a simple app that helps you organize, manage and store ideas. You can also share your ideas with your friends or colleagues across social media or even email them using this app. It has a collaborative setting where your friends or colleagues can provide their inputs. It also has a freeform drawing feature and a quick upload to Flickr.


This app allows you to jot down quick notes without any fuss. All these notes are easily searchable and synced to other devices as well. Not only that, it has a to-do-list that keeps you on track. If you have sticky notes all over your desk, then you definitely need this app. It is the smart equivalent to sticky notes and you need not worry about the scrawl that you can barely read!

Story Tracker

Does your mind tend to wander about the place whenever you sit down to write something? This app (iOS compatible)  is meant for writers, which allows you to isolate your ideas based on the story you want to write without any other distractions. When you start writing a story, you need to enter the title, synopsis, premise, plot and characters. You can map out all the chapters and expand it the way you want to. You can actually write a novel with the help of this app. However, it charges a minimum subscription amount to download the app.

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Are you paralyzed with fear at whiteboard meetings because you can never gather your thoughts and construct well-framed sentences? Well, then this app is exactly for you (android and iOS). You can share a real time virtual whiteboard with your colleagues even when you are in the same room with them. You can add text and doodles as a group and when you have noted down all your ideas, you can share it with them. You can email your whiteboard as an image and edit it later when needed.


The fifth app we think is the most suitable for you is Mindly, which allows you to note all your creative ideas. It is like creating a solar system: the sun being the main idea, planets being the notes with the moon around it for ideas. A simple yet superb way to organize haphazard ideas into a single frame. You can connect the dots later on to create a single great idea.

Happy App-ing

Apps are developed to help you organize things and simplify the entire process. Download these apps for your business and become more organized. Do you know any other brainstorming apps that you would like to share with us? Share them in the comments below.

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