Why Explainer Videos Are The Next Big Thing!



Creating the most innovative brand in the virtual space without innovative advertising to back it up is like scrabbling in the dark waiting for a miracle. A pioneering business idea requires an equally ingenious advertising module to connect with your target audience. No business idea prospers without great advertising, including yours!

Here is when explainer videos take center stage with a promise to convert your dream enterprise into reality, which is larger than life. So, what exactly can an explainer video do that your website and all of your social media pages cannot do? If this thought is puzzling, then read on to find out why an explainer video is essential for your brand!

What Are Explainer Videos?

An explainer video is a visual elevator that reaches out to your target audience, creating a huge platform of awareness for your brand and the products available. It is a fun and informative way of creating a buzz where your audience gets a sneak peek into your offerings. More and more business houses are using explainer videos to develop leads and increase sales.

We, as human beings, believe what we see! Also, we remember what we see. That is why visual graphics have a greater impact on the human mind than reading something, and that is exactly why explainer videos are gaining popularity nowadays. Take a look at the explainer video that we created for our client Recruise.

Why Explainer Videos Are The Next Big Thing?

Explainer videos are a step ahead of video marketing and it is the next big thing in online marketing. Here is why it is the next big thing:

It’s an Evolving Process

People love speed and change. When it comes to marketing, no one has the time or the patience to go through lengthy details. Content has shortened from long stories to short articles, Facebook updates and Twitter updates to within 140 characters. We love seeing things more than we have time to read something. A study says a single minute video is worth 1.8 million words!

Storytelling Attracts People

The reason behind the fact that explainer videos are more appealing is that we can relate to the brand and the products that we see. Research shows that watching product videos increases the sales of the products by 85%. Moreover, it increases the ease-of-use of a product or website, triggering more sales.

Simple is Fun

Explainer videos, being incredibly simple, create magic. You do not have to let your audience struggle through loads of information and complex techniques. Instead of confusing them, it amuses and fascinates them. The message comes across in a straightforward manner with ease. The brain happily understands the message and attractive visuals.

Brand Loyalty

Explainer videos are attention grabbers. Seeing is believing and what is visually perceived is stored in our memory box for a longer time. This gives way to brand loyalty. A funny short video is twice as more effective than mundane text. If you want your brand to be a phenomenon rather than sticking just to a concept, then explainer videos should be your choice – simple yet very effective.

People are Watching

An explainer video is a raging phenomenon and entertaining videos go viral instantly. Are you ready with your explainer video?

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