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The concept of ‘seeing is believing’ can be challenged in modern times, but in digital marketing, brands proactively use the sense of vision and hearing to stimulate other human senses, that can trigger an association. Digital Marketing, mainly prefers to online campaigns, including promotion and sales over social media and other digital platforms like websites, e-commerce portals and others.

How impactful is video marketing?

Recent research shows that video users grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. It also showed that nearly 1 in 4 B2B marketers did not know the ROI of the video content that they are using. This is because that they are only tracking the basic parameters like number of views or shares. However, businesses, which go a step further to track advanced data  have experienced a 2X improvement in video ROI. This is done by integrating their video data into the CRM system and sales pipelines to yield effective results.

Though, the importance of video marketing is perceived by 76% of marketers, but only 15% have integrated into their system and using it properly. However, the number of marketers, who is using video data has increased to about 67% in the last year alone.

Experts feel the video marketing is the in-thing and it can be used to optimum advantage. A video advert on the landing page of any website results in 80% conversions and 64% consumers are likely to buy a product, after watching the video ad.

How video impacts digital marketing?

Seeing is selling: As pointed out earlier, consumers are likely to buy if they see a live demo. So, video ads show consumers a lot more than normal print ads. Video is a way to engage the audience in a better way with lights, music, colors and the message. It tries to target human emotions in a better way.

Audience Engagement: Audience reach is much more and it helps to build brand visibility and viewership. Videos, just do not tell us ‘what’ the product/service is, but also tells us ‘how’ and ‘why’. They show us a story, which we can relate to.  Research shows that with video content, the chances of making into the first page listing of Google increases by 53 times.

Integration: Video content, when integrated with other web content is one of the most powerful marketing methods, with a higher reach. A blog post multiplies its viewership, if there is an accompanying video. A research by Marketingland says, that video has 50 more chances of getting an organic page rank in Google then just plain text.

Targeting and Measurement: With TV commercials, it is difficult to target the right audience and measure the ROI. However, in digital marketing, video can be used to target a particular niche as well as reach the bigger populations. It is also easier to measure the ROI. YouTube is the second largest search engine, which has been an effective platform to promote video content, says a study by Social Media Today. Video in digital media can also be customized to give the audience the necessary information, as well as entertainment. It is a much cheaper option than TV commercials. Smartphone users are among the highest, who access video content and are likely to turn into future prospects. YouTube recorded 4 billion hours of video usage per month. With large volumes, video marketing will surely reap the desired benefits after initial investments.

How experts have predicted the future of video marketing?

Video marketing has picked up well across different platforms like mobile, social media, and even hoardings. The format of video ads have also differ over different media. According to a new study, mobile viewers prefer a vertical video experience. For example, a full screen vertical video ad on Snapchat will fetch a 9x higher completion rate than a horizontal video ad.

Social media platforms like Facebook, who are likely to get 75% of their ad revenue from mobile by 2016 are also integrating their own video player. Facebook has already got 1 million video views each day. With the growing popularity of video marketing, experts feel that 74% of internet traffic will be video content by 2017. Video marketing is here to stay and marketers need to make the most and best out of it.


Over the next 3 to 5 years, about 3 out of 4 brand marketers and ad agency executives will give importance to original digital programming like TV programming. If you have a product or service to sell, and yet to use video marketing to your advantage, then you are probably missing out on a lot of sales opportunities and consumer engagement. So, it is time you implement and integrate video marketing to promote your business to cater to the new-age buyers over digital marketing.

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