5 Web Design Trends to Stay In 2015



Technology is ever changing and web design is no different. In fact, web designing is the most vibrant industry that is evolving pretty fast. Some designs become trendsetters while others fade out.


So, what’s trending this year? We did an extensive research on that and came across some really trendy material to keep an eye out for this year. Curious to know these trends?

Scrolling Effects to Stay

Isn’t scrolling a breeze rather than working your finger into a frenzy with all the wild clicking? All of us do prefer scrolling, right? So, you can bet scrolling will be the hottest trend this year. Moreover, with the rising popularity of mobile devices becoming the ‘in thing’ that are being used to browse the web, scrolling has definitely taken over clicking. We all love to get all the information on the first page of a website. It makes our job much easier rather than sitting and clicking constantly.


The best part is the benefit has not stopped at the home page but oozed out to other pages too, like the ‘about us’ or ‘product pages’ that displays a wide range of content in a single page. For example, Recruise India Consulting displays a long scrolling site, detailing all the information in one page.

Minimalism for Simplicity

Simplicity will back minimalism this year. This is a trend to get rid of the unnecessary and really uncalled for gaudy designs. We do not need to greet our web visitors with flashy, eye-hurting designs. We definitely don’t want to put them off.

So, doing away with loud designs is what we should aim for this year. Instead of creating super complex designs, designers will opt for clean and simple yet elegant site designs. This will also help in keeping the development costs low.


Cinemagraphs on the Roll

A new sensation to take the Internet by storm is cinemagraphs. It took center stage when it evolved in high resolution, better quality and in a more creative way. It’s the little magic, making a page look more real that has people glued to it. Just the idea of a still photograph with some elements moving on it is so thrilling.

The sheer joy of seeing a subtle animation on a page is just what makes our reading experience all the more interesting. Cinemagraphs typically increase our stay on a site by 5-15%. Sounds cooler than cool! So, this year we will definitely see more application of cinemagraphs.

Large Background Images and Typography

We expect large beautiful background images coupled with bold typography to be in this year. Big images and typography typically increases the usability and the overall aesthetics of the site. And yes, it delivers the brand message clearly, as it is more powerful and elegant. Take a look at Marie Catrib’s website and see how it helps the web page to stand out from other sites with élan.

So, this year we will see more of large imagery as well as fonts to contribute to an altogether better reading experience.

Material Design Will be In

Material design is a hot cake now since Google introduced it last year. It’s a subtle alteration of the flat design, however, more promising and sophisticated.

It will be easily accessible with both mobile and desktop users. And we believe designers will adopt material design moving ahead.

What Are Your Predictions?

Well, this is what we felt will be trending this year. What about your predictions of web design this year? Are they similar to our predictions?

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