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Are you planning to create your own website? Planning and building a website from scratch can be quite tricky. The question is how do you create a catchy, streamlined and functional website that will be worth the effort? The solution? You need to keep in mind that you are working towards creating something that will draw maximum attention to your site. Enriching your customer’s experience pretty much coincides with improving your bottom line! Magic happens when you master all the tricks and implement them to create a website that oozes trustworthiness and confidence. Here are some tricks that will help you in making a website that will have people hooked to your site.

1. Make it Bold and Beautiful

Remember the last time you visited a webpage of a restaurant that concealed some much-needed information, like phone numbers or reservation details at the bottom of the page? It might have struck you as weird, hadn’t it? The lesson learnt: put all relevant and necessary information, like address and contact numbers, in bold so that it is clearly visible and not glossed over. To get the best effects, visit your webpage as if any customer would and try to view it from their perspective. This way, you would be able to see the highs and the lows on the site and rectify the latter.

2. Check for Spellings

Spelling errors on a website are a complete no-no. It does not speak well for your company and is most likely to get a negative response from anyone who visits the site, driving them away the instant they come across any.

Walk that extra mile and make the effort of checking and rechecking your content. While documenting the content, you need to make sure you have turned the spell check option on. Even minute errors like “teh” instead of “the” might irritate the readers, conveying a message of sheer carelessness on your part.

3. Create Strong Content

Content always takes center stage through which your brand emerges as a strong, hard-to-miss brand. The wrong choice of words or a lack of flair for the language will take you nowhere. Create innovative content that invokes interest in readers. Incorporate the keywords that will enhance search engine optimization (SEO) of your webpage. It’s really important to create a website that will allow your site to be found easily in search engines. It is only through engaging content that your brand will be noticed.

4. Create Web Pages that Load Faster

Speed is something that we notice only in the absence of it, isn’t it true? In today’s fast-paced world when we have no time to spare, we expect everything to happen at lightning speed. Keeping that in mind, your page must always load quickly. People lose interest when they have to wait for the never-ending buffering to take place and the site to work again.

They might browse away from your website without a second thought. It’s true that Internet connections work faster nowadays; however, we must remember that there are loads of content, data, images and many other things we need to download every day.

5. Think Local Build Global

If you are a startup company and are currently just thinking of catering to the local needs, it’s perfectly fine, but remember that your website must have a global look and feel. Make it a point to ensure that if your page contains certain content like currencies, dates, time and measurements, it must be very clear for the reader to understand.

And yes, it will help you when one day your business expands and is no longer just catering to local needs but also trotting beyond to enter the global arenas.

6. Explore the Social Routes

How do you get more people to your website? How do you attract your target audience? Well, one of the sure shot ways is taking the social routes via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can increase the organic reach and boost your brand visibility.

Social media marketing has the lowest cost per acquisition and works wonders. So, to reach out to the maximum number of people, you need to familiarize yourself with all social media networking tools that will help your brand grow just the way you had visualized it!

Be Website Ready

Still doubtful about taking the first step? Get rid of all your doubts now and start working towards creating a fantastic website for your brand.

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