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Do you have your own business? That’s great! Do you have an effective marketing strategy or are you on a tight budget and can’t afford marketing strategies? Well, small businesses or start-ups may not always have the budget to spend on marketing strategies.

However, that is not a major problem. In fact, the bigger problem is having no marketing strategy in place at all – that is because without a marketing plan, promoting any business is next to impossible. If you are working on a tight budget, you can plan your strategies that are very budget friendly. In this article, we are sharing some budget friendly marketing ideas that can help you build your business.


1. Post Content

If you have a business, you need to have a strong web presence, and for a strong web presence, you need to post great content. Blogging is one way of generating content, so if have a flair for writing, then you can market your business through your blogs. The content though needs to be unique, free of any errors and very informational. To start with, you can write about some tips on the best practices in your industry.

2. Be Social Media Savvy

Social media is a place where you can promote your brand for free. Start using social media as soon as possible. Create your business account on all social media networks – Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Share your posts, talk about your products and services, run contests, acknowledge them on social media, reply to comments, etc., to engage with your customers. Identify your target audience and connect with them.



3. Run Contests

How can you attract potential customers to your social page? Run contests, announce an award, ask people to enter the contest in order to win the award. Make sure you ask the contestants to like your social media page first before they take part in the contest. This is how you will get future clients from the new likes, shares and re-shares. At the end of the competition, announce the winner on social media platforms, acknowledging their effort.

4. Grow Your Network

Networking with the right people is what matters the most. How can you network with the right people? Well, one way is through social media. You can connect with as many people as you want across the globe. The other way is by attending seminars, group discussions, etc., where you will come in contact with numerous people and can grow your network from there.

5. Print a Visiting Card

Printing a visiting card won’t be too heavy on your pocket. You can get your visiting cards printed from any local print store and keep them ready. Do not forget to include your email id and contact number in the card, and the next time you attend a seminar or any other gathering, you can hand them out to the attendees. They will remember your business if they have your card with them.

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