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Pinterest is still a baby when it comes to social networking. However, it is fast emerging to take the social networking scenario by storm and is giving a tough competition to Facebook and Twitter.

Even though it’s a relatively new platform, it is a popular social networking site, as it sends huge referral traffic, much more than any other site. The colorful visuals and images make it an even more interesting platform for visual storytelling.

If you thought Pinterest does not have the potential to drive your business, then think again! Instead of underestimating Pinterest, you must actively use this social network to grow your bottom line.

So, if you are still in doubt about whether to channel your social media marketing funds to Pinterest, here are some interesting aspects of Pinterest that will convince you to start using this platform to promote your business.

WHAT MAKES PINTEREST INTERESTING? It Promotes Visual Content Marketing

A picture speaks a thousand words and does a lot more visually for the content, be it simple or complex text. Images have the power to hold the attention span of viewers much more than just plain text. Moreover, we recall what we see much better than what we read.


That’s why visual content marketing, though underestimated, is very important, and Pinterest being the visual and social bookmarking site is a great platform for promoting visual content marketing.

Pins Have Longer Lives

Pins have a longer shelf life than Facebook messages and Twitter feeds. Even after 2 or 3 years, articles which are buried in the vast expanse of data and never see the light of day on other social networking sites, will still be shared on Pinterest. Therefore, it has great significance in terms of ROI.

Promoted Pins

A promoted pin is the best tool for marketers. The good thing about it is it does not look like an advertisement. The promoted pins are open to all advertisers. Pinterest saw an increase of 30% in earned media from ad campaigns and there is an analytical panel in Pinterest for business tools.

High Ordering Rate

The average order coming from Pinterest is higher than Facebook and Twitter. Many companies like IBM and Shopify noticed higher sales and referrals on Pinterest than through other networking sites.

Buy Option

Pinterest is the only social site that will soon be adding a ‘buy button’ that will convert some of the images posted by users into a shopping catalog. It’s a phenomenal step that will allow users to purchase directly on Pinterest. Once this feature is added, it will definitely give a tough competition to both Facebook and Twitter.

Are You on Pinterest?

Do you have a Pinterest account for your business? If not, then wait no more. Stop misjudging the potential of Pinterest in driving more traffic and triggering your sales.

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